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Achievements for the game

Too Human achievements

Doesn't look anything terribly difficult, annoying, or tedious, all things being equal. Which is a nice change of pace from many other games that like to bust your balls to get a full 100%. Even the 20,000 enemies one doesn't seem too bad when you consider you're killing almost 500 of them in the demo alone. Some of them might take a while, but are things you'd do in the course of multiple playthroughs anyway.

Demo hints and tips

I wrote these for another forum, but figured I'd post them here in case anybody wanted/needed them. This is basically just about secret areas, arenas, and obelisks (treasure chests). This is probably the last actual post I'll do on the game until it actually comes out in a month, assuming that nothing big happens between now and then.

Secret areasCollapse )

ObelisksCollapse )

Arena tipsCollapse )
Now for the Bioengineer. It's going to be a tricky class to play as it definitely starts out far weaker than any other class. He takes damage worse than even the Commando, he can't really melee well, he can't use guns well, and he's slow. He gains back some of the survivability via his health regen ability, but early on this is going to be an incredibly gear dependent class because your base abilities aren't very good. It's also going to take a lot of careful playing. I found myself juggling enemies in the air and blowing them up with grenades, not so much so I could hop up and beat them or do damage, but to clear some space around me. It's going to take a good balance of guns, melee, special abilities, and smarts with a Bioengineer to solo. They'll certainly perform much better in co-op situations.

I still like the Bioengineer better than the Commando, but neither one ranks high in terms of classes I want to play. Right now it's all about the Champion, then a toss up between the Berserker and Defender.

More demo info

So, besides the glitch that I wrote about yesterday, there's one more that's not so much a glitch, but a feature with a loophole. To access the Berserker and Commando without the glitch I mentioned yesterday is pretty easy. Sign out of Live and your Xbox profile. Go to the far right blade for the system and change the console time to sometime in the year 2009. Then go to the games blade and load up the demo like normal (still without signing into Live or anything). You'll find that the Berserker and Commando are freely chooseable. This also means that you can glitch to the Bioengineer by using the same menu lag method I mentioned yesterday.

I haven't done a run through with the Bioengineer yet, but I have done the Berserker and here are my impressions. The Berserker is just a freaking force of nature. He slides faster and farther than any of the other classes and just tears through packs of goblins. It's kind of scary. The two timed arenas in the demo are a cakewalk. I didn't even really try my best and passed both of them easily despite not getting any dual wielded weapons to use through the whole demo. Of course this offensive devastation comes at a price. Juggling feels kind of hard with the Berserker, which makes shielded leader goblins a bit annoying. You ~can~ stand straight up and duke it out with one, you have the damage ability, but you're going to be hurting. His ranged abilities are absolutely hideous, which is problematic with trolls (which are best approached with guns to soften them up) and makes it hard to string together combos on those occasions where enemies are too far away to slide. And finally, the Berserker takes hits nearly as poorly as the Commando, so on those occasions where you do get hit, you're definitely going to feel it.

I'll probably try out the Bioengineer tomorrow and post about that as well.

More on the demo

So, there's a glitch out there in the demo. Although it appears that you can only play the Champion, it's not impossible to play a Commando and Defender as well, at the very least. And some people are able to play the Berserker and BioEngineer in addition. Some people have the Berserker and Commando available from the start without needing to glitch, though nobody knows why this is or how they managed it, but it's definitely legit. The Defender and BioEngineer have to be glitched to play at the moment. The glitch works like this. At the class selection screen, you choose a locked class next to an available class (either the Commando or the Defender, for most of us). Then you mash the A button as fast as possible while hitting the left stick in the direction of the normally playable character (ie, the Champion). You're basically tricking the game into thinking that the locked class is playable because of the slow response of the menu. If you do it right, the screen won't move at all before the game itself starts. If the screen starts to scroll back towards the Champion, you've done it wrong and will need to reset the demo (not a big deal). The Defender and Commando are easily played this way. It only took me a couple of tries to get the glitch to work.

As for how the new classes play, they're pretty different from the Champion. The Defender can't deal out nearly the same amount of offense, but can take a hell of a beating. This means that fights tend to be a bit safter, but also go slower. A bit of a problem when it comes to timed arenas, to say the least, but otherwise pretty nice. I went down the left path, the one with all the frost abilities, and those are excellent for crowd control. So far it seems like the Defender isn't as good individually as a Champion, but will definitely pull even in co-op. A Defender and BioEngineer are going to be hard to put down and a Defender with any more offensive class is going to just own the crap out of things.

The Commando on the other hand, I didn't think was all that great. The Commando's melee ability ~sucks~. Two hits to even break containers is kind of crazy and you often have to hit goblins 3-4 times (or more) where even a Defender can take them out in one. The Commando's melee really should only be used to juggle enemies up in the air where they can be shot. His ranged attack is great, but it's often really hard to keep enemies at range where they can't kick the crap out of you. Targeting for ranged is also sometimes screwy and the game sometimes keeps targeting the same goblin that's on the ground, even when it's dead or can't be damaged, rather than the living attacking goblin that's rushing you. Plus running out of ammo as the Commando really sucks. The final kick is that the Commando takes hits like a little girl. A frail little girl who is sick and in a wheelchair. In about 4 runs through with the Champion, I only came close to dying a couple of times. I never really came close to dying with the Defender. With the Commando I died 3 times and came close to dying another 3 or 4 times. So maybe I just suck or have a bad strategy for the Commando, but it was by far my least favorite to play so far. With another player (like a Defender, especially) I can see the Commando doing pretty decently though.

Demo impressions

So, the demo is out and I've played it through a couple of times. I have to say, it definitely met my expectations and then some.

First the bad and mediocre IMO, to get it out of the way. The graphics and animations are not spectacular for the most part, at least while not in combat. They just seem a little too artifical. They're not bad, exactly, but they sub-par compared to most other big Xbox games. The character models are kinda ugly. The lip sync is pretty decent, but sometimes feels like an old Godzilla movie anyway. The menus feel slow loading, slow moving, and a bit of a chore to get through. The combat is definitely not pick up and play and it will require some practice to not suck or do all the cool things that they do in the gameplay trailers. The camera isn't bad exactly, but it's not great either. Part of the issue I'm sure is that people, including me, are used to the right stick being used for camera controls, not combat and it's kind of disorienting. Having LB center the camera behind Baldur does help though, as does practice. There's not a lot of in-game documentation about what some things do. What does +Soothing do on armor? How do I put runes in weapons and armor? What are charms?

Now the subjective. People are either going to love or hate the voice acting and dialogue. It's a bit cheesy, but I like that, it reminds me of old epics where characters were bold and over-the-top and talked with a lot of exclaimation points. The actual actors do a nice job as well, though sometimes they're just as over-the-top as the dialogue. People will similarly find the weapon and armor names either appropriately fun or eye-rollingly cheesy. Willful Particle Rifle of Wrath, Rigid Blood-Eagle of The Maiden, and others feel like they've come out of WoW with a healthy dose of crack. I think they're fun, though i can't help but laugh at them at the same time.

Now the good (again, this is my opinion). Combat is a blast once you get used to it. It's hard to figure out at first because it's not really like what you're used to, but it gets easier as you go and get more practice. When you do get stuff down, it's really wicked to bounce back and forth, obliterating enemies, popping them up in the air, shooting them to keep them there, riding trolls, dodging missiles (or shooting them out of the air), and so on. You tend to look forward to the next combat. Not least of which is because you get tons of loot, erupting out of enemies like pinatas. Another good thing is the environments which are very well designed and look damned cool. I can't wait to see more of them. I also like the story so far, though we haven't really seen much of it.

So, overall I loved the demo. Wasn't perfect, but I certainly can overlook most of the flaws.


Demo news plus other things

The Too Human demo hits Live this Monday, July 14th at 2:00am PDT. Seems like the demo will cover part of the first level. No idea yet on if it will have all classes available for play (I'd guess not) or if it will have co-op (again, I'd guess not). My guess is that it will be single player and it will have two classes available to play, one of them probably being the Champion. That just seems like it would be par for the course for a demo. Hell, I could be wrong, but we'll see in a few days, won't we?

Also, the game manual has been put online in PDF format. You can find it here. It's pretty sparse, unfortunately. Brief run downs of the gods, the situation the world is in, and some of the opposition along with the typical controller map, moves list, and screen breakdown/explaination. Not much meat at all like skill trees (even examples from them), status effects, or the like. Still, it's kind of nifty to have the manual already when we won't be getting the game itself or another month and then some.

There's another gameplay video up on Live this week as well. It originally aired on X-Play, but you can find it all over now if you don't want to watch it on your Xbox. Another interesting video can be found here, which has Denis Dyack playing co-op with some guys from 1up.com. I really liked this video because it's got a casual feel that's kind of like a group of friends sitting around and having a go at it. Your milage may vary, but I thought it was a good video.

More pre-order news

Looks like Gamestop/EB and Amazon.com are both on board with the pre-order bonus, though that's not exactly a big surprise. The question may be where else gets involved like Wal Mart or whatever.

Pre-order bonus

They've announced a bonus for pre-ordering Too Human. For pre-ordering, you get 5 full sets of armor with a unique look, each tailored to a specific class. More details can be found at this link. I read someone say that these armors will probably be purchaced or free downloadable content eventually and I tend to think that's probably true. It seems to be the way of things, though we might be surprised. If I were Silicon Knights, I might want to reward the faithful who believed in the game enough to pre-order with something that other people can't have. But that's just my way of thinking. In any case, as for the armor themselves, I think the Bioengineer has the best looking armor, followed by the Champion and Commando. The Berserker and Defender armors look kind of meh, especially the Defender which looks horribly bland. No word on how good these armors are either or if they're available at the beginning of the game. It'd be kind of screwed up to have really high end armors availabe right off the bat, so I imagine either they're going to be kind of middle-range at best or they're not going to be available for a little while.

Mod post, first post

Time to get things started. With about 3 months until game release and my copy reserved and waiting for August 19th, I thought I'd look around LJ for a community for the game. I can't say I was all that surprised that there wasn't one. The game's been the very definition of game development hell and I'm sure a lot of people have either forgotten about the game or moved on. Maybe with the release date finally firmed up and final screenshots and videos leaking out, interest will pick back up again. Anyway, getting down to modly stuff before getting into more game related stuff. The community rules are listed in the userinfo. Please read them and follow them. They're really not all that complicated or difficult to follow. I don't like being a referee if I don't have to, so just be cool, okay? We're all just here to have a good time.

Now, onto game related stuff. First, my thoughts on the co-op downgrade from 4 player to 2. It's disappointing. I don't think there's anybody out there who is ~happy~ that they won't have a chance to play with 3 friends instead of just 1. I love co-op and working with other people. I like team based stuff. Far more than competitive gaming, I like co-op. Games like Marvel: Ultimate Alliance, Gears of War, and others that I'm probably neglecting had co-op that in some ways was better than the single player game. So this was a big downer to me. But listening to their reasoning and watching some of the game videos, I can kind of see where they're coming from. The game does seem to be frantic enough with just two people and the monsters they're fighting on screen. If you add two more people (plus the additional monsters) things could get crowded and not only could the frame rate suffer, but the game play too. Games that are so busy visually with the stuff on screen that you can't think or even tell what you're doing are seldom fun and I could definately see Too Human going that direction. That being said, I do hope that they still have some functionality, like a game lobby, that allows interaction with more people even if you're not playing with them at the moment (for things like trades, showing off armor, etc). Some people have said that no 4 player is the death of this game and while it is disappointing, I also think that the wailing is a bit hysterical. Gears of War had 2 player co-op when it quite possibly could have had 4 and it was absolutely bad-ass. If Too Human's co-op is "only" as good as Gears' was, I'll be pretty happy. Co-op is still sort of a luxury, so I'll take what I can get, even if it's not quite what was promised.

I also came across some fairly new videos from the game talking about skill trees and at least one cinematic as well. The Thor cinematic makes me hope that either the sound on this particular video is kind of meh or that they're still working on that because it feels pretty flat and uninteresting. Anyway, videos to enjoy. http://www.gamershell.com/news_50900.html